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What Next for BWM Regulation?

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 Protecting marine ecosystems from potentially harmful invasive aquatic species transported in ships’ ballast water is an important part of International Maritime Organization (IMO)'s work to protect the marine environment.    The treaty supporting this is the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention,

Pacific Centre Launches on Low-Carbon Shipping Mission

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 The Pacific region has celebrated the launch of a centre of excellence for low-carbon shipping technology, which joins centres in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America as part of a global network run by International Maritime Organization (IMO) and funded by the European Union.    Through

IMO Support for Ship Recycling in Bangladesh

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 The second phase of an International Maritime Organization (IMO)-implemented project to enhance safe and environmentally sound ship recycling in Bangladesh is set to begin in January, following a US$1.1 million funding agreement with Norway.   The two-year project will build on the first phase of

West Coast Intermodal Update: Mario Cordero

Mario Cordero

POLB Executive Director Mario Cordero weighs in from his new West Coast chair, on the most pressing issues of the day. Arguably the industry authority from both the regulatory and commercial sides of the equation, his opinion carries weight and, sometimes, surprises.   It has been a busy year at the port of Long Beach, Calif.

Finding Monsters on the Ocean Surface

(Photo: TechWorks Marine)

The study of extreme wave events in the ocean has become a popular area of research in recent years. Aside from seafarers, extreme waves impact coastal communities and are of great interest to marine renewable energy companies. This is particularly prevalent in the face of coastal erosion, rising sea

Coatings & Corrosion Control Take Center Stage

(Photo: AkzoNobel)

Efficiency gains, CO2 reduction and invasive species drive development   Marine coatings increasingly are center stage, not simply to maintain the integrity of vessels, but as a means to make ship ops more efficient and environmentally benign. Maritime Reporter had questons, and two executives – Andreas

Trump to Open Oil Drilling off US East Coast

President Donald Trump (Official White House photo)

The Trump administration is preparing a plan that would open up oil drilling off the U.S. East Coast, Bloomberg reported. President Trump ordered the Interior Department to create the draft proposal as part of his “America-First Offshore Energy Strategy” executive order in April.  The new plan,

IMO Assembly Adopts Vision, Strategic Directions

Photo:  International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 The IMO Assembly met for its 30th session at  International Maritime Organization (IMO) Headquarters in London, United Kingdom (27 November to 6 December).    The Assembly was the largest-ever gathering at IMO Headquarters in London, attended by some 1,400 participants, including 56 at the ministerial level,

Sustainable Marine Energy’s Inshore Platform PLAT-I Powers Up

Photo: Schottel

On November 25th Edinburgh-based tidal energy technology developer Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) completed the installation of its game changing PLAT-I tidal energy system at Connel, near Oban in western Scotland.   The operation, including tow-out, was completed in under 5 hours using Green Marine’s multicat vessel Green Isle.

Antwerp Port Focus on Sustainable Modal Shift

Photo: Port of Antwerp

 The port of Antwerp is to invest 1.4 million euros over the next three years in projects aimed at making port-generated freight traffic smoother and more efficient.    The seven projects that have been selected for financial support will together reduce the number of truck trips by up to 250,000 annually.

Wreck Removal Challenges

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 The issue of how to legally remove hazardous wrecks at sea has been in the spotlight at the Salvage & Wreck London 2017 Conference (7 December).    International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s Jan De Boer took part in a panel discussing the challenges surrounding wreck removal and provided an update on the Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention.

Norad Backs Marine Environment Protection in Southeast Asia

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 A new International Maritime Organization (IMO)-Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) environmental project in Southeast Asia is set to begin, to support seven countries to protect the marine environment from shipping operations.    The four-year project will focus on enhancing the

CMA CGM Premium Service to Optimize Emissions

Photo: CMA CGM

 Providing eco-services is a key strategic axis of CMA CGM Environmental Policy. Since 2010, CMA CGM has developed different eco-services such as an Eco-Calculator or personalized carbon reports : “My Carbon Footprint”.   With My Carbon Footprint, CMA CGM provides a unique and premium service to customers

Private Sector Partners in Pursuit of Low Carbon Shipping

Photo: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

 The ground-breaking Global Industry Alliance (GIA) – a partnership of key maritime stakeholders pursuing low carbon shipping – has met at International Maritime Organization (IMO) Headquarters, London (7 December).   The GIA is made up of leading shipowners and operators, classification societies,

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