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#BTC100 History


In 1990, Richie Bates (pictured) joined Bouchard Transportation as a mate on the Ellen S. Bouchard, and soon rose to Captain of the Morton S. Bouchard Jr. in 1994.  As one of BTC’s long-standing employees, Capt. Bates currently serves as Captain of the M/V Donna J. Bouchard, and leads his crew with

#BTC100 History

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Conlin

Longtime employee Patrick Conlin begins his tenure in 1968 as a dispatcher at Bouchard Transportation Co., eventually moving up to the company’s head of operations until his retirement in 2010. Conlin also had the privilege of working with Morton S. (“Buster”) Bouchard Sr., and Morton S. Bouchard Jr.

#BTC100 History

Photo Courtesy of Bouchard Transportation Co.

The third generation of the Bouchard family continues within the family business as Buster’s sons Morton S. Bouchard Jr. and Frederick E. Bouchard join the company as Dispatchers in 1955. It was also during this time that Bouchard Transportation Co. furthered the tugboat side of its business with the construction of the Evening Star.

$17B Spanish Galleon San Jose: EdgeTech Instrumental

Photo: EdgeTech

EdgeTech said it was key to the discovery of the most valuable shipwreck in the world. Sought after by treasure hunters for more than 300 years, the wreck of the Spanish Galleon San Jose was finally discovered on November 27, 2015 and just recently made public. The search was performed by the Woods

#BTC100 History

Photo Courtesy of Caddell Dry Dock & Repair Co

In 1975, tugboats Bouchard Boys and Evening Light enter service, both at 3,900-hp. It was also during this year that Bouchard Transportation Co. formed its long-standing current relationship with Caddell Dry Dock & Repair Co.—a partnership--to this day--is still based on trust, loyalty and family heritage.

Maritime History: USCG Builds 4 Icebreakers

(Source: Maritime Reporter & Engineering News)

In conducting some research for our Bouchard Transportation 100th Anniversary special edition coming out in July (#BTC100), I was paging through historical volumes of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News, which date back to 1939. Pictured here is a page from the November 1944 edition seemed particularly topical and timely,

Maersk Revenue Up 30% YOY in Q1

 In Q1 2018, A.P. Moller - Maersk had a revenue growth of 30% to USD 9.3bn, 10% excluding Hamburg Süd, with growth in all business segments and a strategic transformation well underway.    A.P. Moller - Maersk reiterates its expectations for 2018 of an underlying profit above 2017 (USD 356m), however

#BTC100 History

Photo Courtesy of Bouchard Transportation Co.

In the late 1960s, Bouchard Transportation Co. wins two very important barge contracts; the first comprises the B. No. 40 and B. No 30 barges to haul jet fuel along the Erie Canal for the U.S. Air Force; the second  was for the company’s B. No. 55 barge to move crude oils in New York Harbor, Long Island Sound,

#BTC100 History

Photo Courtesy of Tugboat Graffiti

In 2017, Bouchard Transportation Co. announced its construction plans for ATB unit M/V Evening Breeze and B. No. 252, which is the sister to ATB unit M/V Evening Star & B. No. 250.  These Jones Act vessels will include the newest modifications to the Intercon and pin system, and the most technologically

Fundraising Cruise Raises $100,000 to Help Save SS United States

(File photo courtesy of the SS United States Conservancy)

A fundraising cruise dedicated to saving America’s Flagship has raised $100,000 for the cause.Once America’s fastest and most glamorous ocean liner, the SS United States has spent years away from her former glory in an escalating state of disrepair, at dock in Philadelphia, out of commission and relying

#BTC100 History

Photo Courtesy of Tugboat Graffitti

2016 brought about another milestone within Bouchard Transportation Co. with the appointment of Danielle Bouchard as Director of Communications. As the daughter of Morton S. Bouchard III, and the fifth generation to enter the family business, Danielle also holds the distinction of being the first female

Hikawa Maru Celebrates 88 Years

Norio Kanaya, captain of Hikawa Maru, with Hammer, honorary captain of the vessel. Photo: NYK Line.

 Hikawa Maru, the only existing large-scale cargo-passenger ship built in Japan before the war, celebrates its 88th anniversary since delivery on April 25, 2018.    Since 2008, Hikawa Maru has been moored at Yamashita Park in Yokohama as a museum ship open to the public. A celebration of its 88th birthday was held on Saturday,

DP World Post 7.3% Volume Growth

(File photo: DP World)

Dubai state-owned port operator DP World Limited said it handled 17.6 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) across its global portfolio of container terminals in the first quarter of 2018, with gross container volumes growing by 7.3 percent year-on-year on a reported basis, and 8.4 percent on a like-for-like basis.

#BTC100 History

Photo Courtesy of Bouchard Transportation Co.

In 2015, Bouchard Transportation Co. appointed Brendan J. Bouchard (son of President & CEO, Morton S. Bouchard III) as the company’s VP of Sales & Operations, firmly establishing the fifth generation of the Bouchard family as being an integral part of the Company. Also that same year, BTC christened ATB unit M/V Kim M.

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