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INTERTANKO Members Support Net Zero Emissions by 2050

© Alexey Marakhovets / Adobe Stock

The Council of Members of the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners (INTERTANKO) has agreed that international shipping should strive to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. This doubles the level of ambition set in the International Maritime Organization’s Initial Strategy

UN Shipping Talks Fail to Speed Up Faster Carbon Exit

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Further shipping talks are scheduled for next year after delegates at a U.N. agency meeting that sought to speed up decarbonization of the sector failed to make progress, officials said on Friday.The sector, which transports about 90% of world trade and accounts for nearly 3% of the world's CO2 emissions,

Hareide Named Norway's Director General of Navigation and Shipping

Knut Arild Hareide (Photo: Norwegian Maritime Authority)

Knut Arild Hareide has been appointed by the King in the Council of State as Director General of Navigation and Shipping for the Norwegian Maritime Authority for a period of six years. Hareide will take up the role on January 1, 2022."We are delighted to congratulate Knut Arild Hareide on his appointment

French Fishermen Block British boat off St Malo Amid Fishing Licenses Row

Normandy Trader - Credit: Nathan Ollivier/

French fishermen blocked a British cargo vessel from docking in a Brittany port on Friday, in protest at what they say are moves by authorities in London and Jersey to withhold licenses to fish in British waters under a post-Brexit deal.The fishermen held aloft red flares as they circled their boats

Eight More Merchant Mariners Charged in Test-score Fixing Scheme

© Sebastian Duda / Adobe Stock

Another eight current and former merchant mariners have been indicted in a a test score-fixing scheme at a U.S. Coast Guard exam center in Louisiana.The defendants are charged with obtaining, and intending to use, officer-level licenses that were procured through falsified exam scores. The fraudulent

Legal Background Behind New Nord Stream 2 License Demand

On September 10, 2021, the sections of the second Nord Stream 2 pipeline laid from the German shore and Danish waters was connected in a so-called above water tie-in. The opposing pipe strings were lifted from the seabed by the lay barge Fortuna and the pipe ends were cut and fitted together. The welding to connect the two lines took place on a platform located above the water on the side of the vessel. Then the connected pipeline was lowered to the seabed as one continuous string.©NordStream2

Germany's energy regulator has temporarily halted the certification process for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, requiring the Swiss-based, Gazprom-led consortium behind the infrastructure to form a German subsidiary to secure a licence.Following are some of the legal considerations associated with the move by Germany's Federal Network Agency,

Geoquip Marine Accused of Jones Act Violations

(Photo: Geoquip Marine)

An American offshore services trade group is accusing Swiss-headquartered Geoquip Marine of violating the Jones Act, a U.S. law requiring seaborne cargo shipped between two U.S. points to be carried by American-built, -crewed and -owned vessels.A report published by the Offshore Marine Service Association

Biden Signs $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill into Law

(Photo: White House)

President Joe Biden signed into law a $1 trillion infrastructure bill at a White House ceremony on Monday that drew Democrats and Republicans who pushed the legislation through a deeply divided U.S. Congress.The measure is designed to create jobs across the country by dispersing billions of dollars

Shipowners Make Payoffs to Free Vessels Held by Indonesian Navy

© zheltikov / Adobe Stock

More than a dozen shipowners have made payments of about $300,000 apiece to release vessels detained by the Indonesian navy, which said they were anchored illegally in Indonesian waters near Singapore, according to sources with direct knowledge of the matter.The dozen sources include shipowners, crew

Infrastructure Bill a Huge Boost for US Inland Waterways

(Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)

The $1 trillion infrastructure package headed to President Joe Biden to sign into law will provide a welcome funding injection for America’s inland waterway infrastructure.The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was approved by Congress on November 6 and is expected to be signed by President Biden next week.

Sothys Oil Tanker Bound for Vietnam After Release by Iran

© Frabk-Peter Mecklenbeck /

The Sothys oil tanker is heading back to Vietnam, with its crew all in good health, after the vessel was released by Iran, an official of Opec Petrol Transportation Co., the owner of the tanker, said on Wednesday."It will take weeks or months for the tanker to arrive," the official told Reuters,

US FTC to Consider Study on Supply Chain Concerns

© Roman Babakin / Adobe Stock

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission will vote next week on whether it will study if supply chain disruptions have affected competition, the agency said in a statement describing the agenda as tentative.The meeting will be held on November 18, the statement said.Faced with long delays in getting goods into U.

Countries Agree to Create Green Shipping Lanes in Pursuit of Zero Carbon

© Federico Rostagno / Adobe Stock

A coalition of 19 countries including Britain and the United States on Wednesday agreed to create zero emissions shipping trade routes between ports to speed up the decarbonization of the global maritime industry, officials involved said.Shipping, which transports about 90% of world trade, accounts for nearly 3% of the world's CO2 emissions.

Greenpeace Settles Charges After Blocking Port of Houston in 2019

(Photo: Greenpeace)

Environmental activists who shut the largest U.S. energy export port for a day to protest climate change agreed to pay police, fire and court costs to settle state criminal charges, officials said on Friday.Greenpeace members halted shipping in September 2019 by dangling on ropes from a bridge over

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