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Bourbon Partners with MariApps to Transform Fleet Management Process


MariApps Marine Solutions said Thursday it would provide its flagship product smartPAL to BOURBON Marine & Logistics to support the company in its digitalization efforts.

The French offshore vessel owner Bourbon offers support services to the offshore industry.

MariApps said Bourbon had been looking for a solution that would help it optimize its fleet management process including its day-to-day operations in crewing, maintenance, Quality, Health Safety & Environment (QHSE), and finance In MariApps' digital software solution suite, they found an integrated tool that met all these requirements.

"The rapid pace of technological advances combined with the maritime industry's need to streamline operations leads to more and more companies looking for new ways to further optimize the management of their fleet and automate processes We are excited to accompany BOURBON Marine & Logistics on this journey and enable them to fully leverage their investments in the era of dynamic digitization," says Sankar Ragavan, CEO at MariApps.

"Developed by a unique mix of software developers and marine experts, smartPAL allows users to retrieve real-time finance, performance as well as operational data. By choosing the product as their future integrated ship management tool, BOURBON is not only taking a big step towards innovating its operational processes but also creating value within the industry," MariApps said of its solution.

Rodolphe Bouchet, CEO of Bourbon Marine & Logistics said:"By choosing smartPAL as a ship management software to manage our fleet, we aim to leverage the latest digital solutions to integrate ship management functions, simplify and provide end-to-end process digitalization. Our objectives with this ambitious project are to reduce operating costs and further improve safety as well as the quality of service."

Jan 13, 2022


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