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Chantiers de l'Atlantique Extends Nexans Gig

Image: Chantiers de l’Atlantique

Laxman Pai

French player in the cable and optical fiber industry Nexans S.A. said that it has secured a 5-year contract extension with the compatriot shipbuilding giant Chantiers de l'Atlantique to supply cables and services for use in some of the world's largest passenger vessels.

The contract builds on a 45-year partnership between Nexans and Chantiers de l'Atlantique, an alliance which has facilitated the evolution of specialized ship cable technology and logistics.

Throughout this partnership period, Nexans has been the leading cables provider in designing advanced fire safety technologies for secure passengers ships - one of the highest priority in shipbuilding industry. The group also supports Chantiers de l'Atlantique with innovation on cables stripability and flexibility for easier and faster installation.

Bob de Kruijf, Nexans General Manager Industry Solutions and Projects Europe said, "We are thrilled to be continuing our long standing partnership with Chantiers de l'Atlantique and to be providing cables, services and solutions for the next generation of ships. Our partnership continues to grow from strength to strength and we're excited to see what the future holds with Chantiers de l'Atlantique ."

Nexans was the first cable maker to offer logistics solutions in the shipbuilding industry, and Chantiers de l'Atlantique has been using the Nexans Logistics and Solutions Center for the past decade.

The group manages Chantiers de l'Atlantique's whole supply chain, often coordinating the work of a series of other suppliers, while maintaining consistent quality and variable delivery logistics. Not only does it deliver just-in-time to shipyards, but takes into account changing vessel types by sequencing deliveries in order. This method means customers can receive cables in the right sequence for a specific vessel during production.

Bertrand Paquet , Senior Vice President, Sourcing Director from Chantiers de l'Atlantique said, "Our 45 year partnership with Nexans has always revolved around maintaining the highest quality and state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. We're really pleased with how Nexans manages our supply chain and this extended contract demonstrates our ongoing partnership."

Nexans launched a new logistics approach in 2019 to ensure it can secure emergency situations if any arise during the construction project and has adapted this for Chantiers de l'Atlantique.

All cables and services are being manufactured in France.

Nov 18, 2019


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