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Meet The Chatty Scientist

The Chatty Scientist Founder and Marine Technology Reporter contributor Kira Coley. (Photo: The Chatty Scientist)

Posted by Eric Haun

A brand new communication platform aims to help scientist share their research with the world.

The new online science communication platform, called The Chatty Scientist, offers interactive resources and modern, flexible training that helps scientists discover the tools to best communicate their research, increase exposure and connect with audiences around the world.
The Chatty Scientist is the brainchild of the platform's founder and CEO, Kira Coley, a contributing writer to Marine Technology Reporter, freelance science writer and lecturer in science communication at the University of Portsmouth, U.K.
Coley said, "The training options available these days are too limited - not everyone wants to learn everything there is to know about science communication in one go. And, who has the time? Trainers need to rethink how we can best work with scientists so they can get access to these skills in the easiest and most effective way possible."
With this in mind, The Chatty Scientist offers tailored workshops for on-site coaching, along with a growing range of online resources including blogs, expert interviews, videos and podcasts - all geared to help scientists better share their research in a range of formats, including social media.
"The shift towards social media as a news source has aggravated the rise of fake news and distrust towards the science communities. But many don't realize that social media can also be a powerful tool for both advancing and promoting research," Coley said.
The Chatty Scientist's online community acts as continuous support, helping members develop science communication skills through daily activities, news updates and advice.
"By designing our online courses, resources and on-site workshops to fit around scientists, we are hoping to encourage more individuals to take part in science communication than ever before," Coley explained.
For scientists on the go, the team is developing low-cost online courses designed to fit around busy schedules. Scientists can select their favorite modules covering a range of science communication skills and learn through a mixture of video and audio lessons at their own pace. The first online modules will be available toward the end of the year.
"We've just started our journey but already we've had amazing feedback and support from the science community," Coley said. "I'm excited to see how the platform will grow over the coming year."

Aug 10, 2017



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