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MTNW Debuts LCI-90i-IS

LCI-90i-IS_R1 (Eric Haun) WEB.jpg

Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

Measurement Technology NW (MTNW) Launched its LCI-90i-IS Rugged Programmable Controller (RPC) has been awarded the globally recognized Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification. UL quality approval allows customers to use the industry leading RPC in hazardous applications without additional testing or approvals. MTNW offers versions of its flagship display for winch, pump, crane, tank and torque applications. The LCI-90i-IS is a programmable controller that combines signal-processing capabilities with rugged reliability for new projects and retro?ts of existing equipment, the manufacturer said. Sensor data, parameters, alarms, controls, and graphs are displayed on a bright electroluminescent display for unmatched readability in all light conditions.

(As published in the October 2013 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News -

Oct 31, 2013

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