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Into the Digital Age: Why Go for Digitalization of Naval Projects?

(Image courtesy Shipbuilder)

Geert Schouten

Due to the technology boom, the innovative digitalization of naval projects is on the rise. So, what is digitalization all about and where can it be improved? I'm going to explain why naval projects are unique as opposed to other maritime projects. And, how easy it is to exchange confidential data securely between the navy and the stakeholders, such as contractors and suppliers. Lastly, you will find the solutions in the field of improving the quality of maritime data in the naval industry.

The uniqueness of naval projects
Naval vessels are required to align with strict requirements that impact both the design and construction of the vessel. For example, combat systems and hull structures cannot be allowed to fail in case of nearby explosions. Indeed, because of its critical impact, the organization of data (e.g. maritime requirements) is crucial.

Keep everything in control
I regularly get the question: How do you keep control of all the maritime project data? The most important thing is how you manage the data. I strongly recommend that you keep a single source of truth as this will allow you to avoid the risk of having multiple versions of the documents and data circulating in one project. Making a mistake could jeopardize the entire project and have enormous financial and political consequences.

Naval projects are complex and involve massive amounts of information. This is why it is so important that the data is consistent throughout the entire organization and in between stakeholders. Indeed, here at Shipbuilder we have a lot of experience in helping you to create a 100% traceable single source of truth where data quality is guaranteed. Our customers say that this results in much reduced risks and 20% less costs.

Confidentiality of data: A hot topic in naval
It is imperative to guarantee the confidentiality of data in naval projects. We are talking about state defense here. Countries want to run their defense, including their naval projects, in a secure and reliable way. Indeed, by making sure you have a standalone software package, such as Shipbuilder, which functions entirely independently from an internet connection - you can guarantee the security of both your data and data exchange. And still you can trace all decisions and changes made to the data.

What could be improved in naval projects?
You often find that information is spread across many different systems and documents. To improve this, Shipbuilder provides a single source of truth based on knowledge and data. Completeness and consistency increases the quality of data by 30%.

What makes a naval project successful?
To ensure that a project is successful, it is important to look for a partner that not only guarantees top quality data but also understands the data and the complexity of maritime projects entirely.

Shipbuilder: A partner for digitalization of naval projects
We're native maritime experts, devoted knowledge partners in the field of real digital innovation. Naval projects will become more successful if they take a data driven approach. We provide training to the naval industry to help take the right steps in the digitalization of documents to data.

Our Shipbuilder SENSE service enables to convert existing documents to a smart data network. Not only that, the Shipbuilder software enables 100% control of all naval projects. Let's step into the digital innovation of naval projects together.

Feb 16, 2021



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