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INTERVIEW: Natasa Pilides, Cyprus Deputy Minister of Shipping


By Greg Trauthwein

Natasa Pilides, Cyprus Deputy Minister of Shipping, has held this newly created political post for only three months, but already she has big plans to facilitate the growth of her country's stature in world maritime circles. In Athens at Posidonia we discuss with her Cyprus' plan for the development of the its maritime infrastructure and blue economy.
Coming in the July 2018 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News, read our interview with Ms. Pilides from the halls of Posidonia 2018, and learn how Cyprus is planning ahead to:
? Holistically grow its Blue Economy, which today accounts for nearly 7% of GDP;
? Strengthen the country's maritime education;
? Create a more favorable environment to foster the growth of maritime investment funds; and
? Build the country's maritime cluster with incentives for companies to innovate and relocate people and facilities to Cyprus.

Jun 14, 2018



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