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Kooiman Marine Group Wins Dredger Order

(Image: Kooiman Marine Group)


The Netherlands-based shipbuilding and engineering firm Kooiman Marine Group said it has received an order for the design and construction of a new 1,500-cubic-meter trailing suction hopper dredger for Detlef Hegemann Aktiengesellschaft.

The 75.9-meter-long Hegemann V has been developed by Kooiman Engineering, part of Kooiman Marine Group, in close collaboration with Hegemann Dredging to execute multiple types of dredging activities on specific locations.

With a suction tube on the starboard side and an inboard dredge pump, she can load the 1500m3 hold with silt or sand. Unloading the dredged material can be done by opening a row of bottom doors. In addition, the material can be pumped by one or two series-connected, dredge pumps with discharge connections on both sides of the ship or via a bow connection at the front.

In order to also maintain ports and waterways, she is able to load up to 1,930m3 with lower densities. In addition, her length is relatively short and with two rudder propellers she is optimal to maneuver at small rivers.

Project Manager of Kooiman Engineering Peter Vrolijk, said, "It all fits exactly in the box, as if it is a design optimized for standard / series construction."

"The request for the newbuild has been running for a while. From the first contact Kooiman Marine Group was cooperating with us and then adjusted the design accordingly. Ultimately, we now have a design on the table that suits us completely and which we expect to be able to deploy perfectly in the future," said Martin Janssen, Technical Manager of Hegemann Dredging.

Vrolijk added, "Some things will have to happen before we can start sea trail. Kooiman Engineering will firstly have to finish the design. Consequently, we can do a lot of the work ourselves, for example ships interior, hull outfitting and finishing at one of our three yards. In addition, we have a number of reliable suppliers which will result in a good product."

Jul 16, 2020



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