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New GEA Marine Separator Tech in Use

Photo: GEA

Posted by Michelle Howard

GEA equipped two Hapag-Lloyd container ships with the GEA marine Separator which it recently presented at SMM 2018 in Hamburg.

The GEA marine Separators 50 and 90 are equipped with integrated direct drive technology. This GEA technology has been successfully used on the "Budapest Express" and "Colombo Express" for the last one and a half years. The two medium-sized container ships, each with roughly 8,750 TEU, are used in U.S.-China service transfers.

The integration of the new separators with the ship machinery went smoothly, particularly as the new separator requires half the space, compared to the previously installed GEA OSE Separator. Its 360-degree accessibility enables easy handling during installation and operation. The integrated drive technology reduces the maintenance time on the drive by 95 percent. In line with the more efficient energy balance of the frequency-controlled drive unit, the new GEA marine Separator saves time, energy and effort in operation. The new separators are therefore pioneering, treating fuels and lubricating oils for the respective fields of application. Furthermore, fine-grained catalyst residues from refineries, so-called cat fines, are reduced to a minimum and efficiently.

Another decisive advantage of the GEA marine Separator is the frequency-controlled synchronous drive. Achieving a degree of efficiency of 96 percent and a savings potential of up to 30,000 kWh per year per ship, the integrated direct drive is the heart of this new GEA technology. The direct drive does not require a belt or coupling, which is the case with older series models, and therefore a factor in terms of wear and maintenance costs. Spindle and motor are now available for the first time as a modular exchange unit - simplifying installation and maintenance immensely. Only after 16,000 operating hours (or two years of use) is the drive unit replaced worldwide by a GEA OEM certified exchange unit which comes with a full warranty - "same day delivery" is also possible.

Based on the CWE 15375 standard, the new GEA marine Separator offers full transparency and the best certified flow rates (CFR) on the market. Likewise, it is precisely tailored to the requirements of a ship's primary engine.

Advantages of the new GEA marine Separator at a glance:

  • Integrated direct drive for maximum energy efficiency
  • Extended maintenance interval after 16,000 operation hours versus previous 8,000 hours
  • Easily replaceable drive system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Small footprint and 360° accessibility
  • Best certified flow rate in the marine market
  • Ready for intelligent connectivity
  • Adaptable to the latest fuel technologies
  • Hot separation add-on

Jul 10, 2019



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