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UMG Names Mckechnie as Managing Director

Rodney Mckechnie (Photo courtesy of UMG)

Posted by Michelle Howard

Unique Maritime Group (UMG) has appointed Rodney Mckechnie as the Managing Director for Unique Hydra, its office based in South Africa.

McKechnie is an executive with experience gained in international Fortune 100 companies across various industrial sectors including motor manufacturing, food and alcoholic beverages, electronics, white and brown goods and also the public sector.

In addition to being a Chartered Accountant and financial specialist, McKechnie's skills and experience include a track record of achievement in terms of LEAN process optimization, project management, strategic business acumen and transformational execution in business value chain areas covering production, safety, quality, purchasing, inventory control, warehousing, sales, distribution and brand building, UMG said.

Mar 4, 2015


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