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Oldendorff Orders Two Ultramax Bulk Carriers

(Photo: Oldendorff Carriers)


German shipowner Oldendorff Carriers revealed on Tuesday that earlier this year it ordered two 61,300 dwt Ultramax newbuilds from Dalian Cosco Kawasaki Ship Engineering Co Ltd (DACKS) for delivery July 2022.

The 61,300 Ultramaxes are of the Kawasaki eco design, of which Oldendorff had previously built nine units at DACKS and sister yard NACKS until 2019. The vessels feature Masada / Mitsubishi cranes, bollards for the new Panama Canal, Erma First ballast water treatment systems (BWTS), a Hudong-MAN-B&W 6S50ME-B9.3 main engine and a large content of equipment imported from Japan, like Daihatsu auxiliary engines and Nakashima propeller.

Oldendorff also said it separately acquired two secondhand 93,000 dwt Post-panamaxes to be taken over in India in the first half of April.

The vessels were built in 2012 in China and are equipped with a Korean-built Doosan-MAN-B&W 6S60MC and Doosan auxiliary engines. Oldendorff said it has already had the vessels on floating index charter for several years.

Oldendorff currently has two Newcastlemax newbuilds, Heide Oldendorff and Hauke Oldendorff, on order from Hantong Shipyard scheduled for delivery in August and October/November respectively. They will be used in Oldendorff's usual Capesize trades before servicing a long term CoAs from 2023 onward. The ships will complete the series of 18 MARIC-design Newcastlemaxes, built over five years at three different yards in China, of which four have been sold with long term charter back.

imageCalypso (Photo: Oldendorff Carriers)

Earlier this year, in January, the first of two specialized Transloader newbuilds, Calypso, was delivered from Chengxi Shipyard and sailed to North Vietnam, where it commenced a 25-year transshipment CoA for a consortium of Marubeni and Kepco. Sister vessel Anna will be commissioned in July.

Oldendorff said it sold the 38,000 dwt Handysize bulker Lily Oldendorff (built at Avic Weihai in 2017) to buyers in the United Arab Emirates, and the ship will be delivered to its new owner next month.

imageLily Oldendorff (Photo: Oldendorff Carriers)

Apr 6, 2021


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