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Operation Atalanta Welcomes ESPS Canarias


Laxman Pai

European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia officially welcomed the ESPS Canarias as she began her most recent deployment with Operation Atalanta.

The ESPS Canarias will sail with Operation Atalanta alongside the ITS Marceglia from the end of July 2019 until early November 2019, countering piracy and monitoring fishing activity off the Somali coast.

Spain continues to show its commitment to the defense of international rights in the Area of Operations and has contributed naval assets, air assets and personnel to Operation Atalanta since its inception in 2008.

The frigate "Canarias" (F-86) is the sixth and last unit of those which make up the 41st Squadron of Escorts class, "Santa María." She was delivered to the Spanish Navy in December 1994. ESPS Canarias measures 14 meters in length and displaces 4,000 tons.

Frigate Captain Ernesto Grueso García will have 230 men and women on board as the crew of the ESPS Canarias. This includes an Embarked Air Unit, an Operational Security Team and a War Force Operations Special Naval Team.

The ESPS Canarias has participated in other deployments, such as the NATO Permanent Grouping No. 2 (SNMG-2), Operation "Enduring Freedom" in the Indian Ocean, Operation "Active Endeavor" and Operation "EUNAVFORMED-Sophia" in the Mediterranean Sea.

Jul 19, 2019



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