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Pemex Charters 2 CIMC Jack-ups

Image: CIMC Raffles Offshore Engineering Pte Ltd

Laxman Pai

Mexican state-owned giant Pemex has chartered two jack-up rigs built and currently owned by Chinese yard CIMC Raffles.

The two 400ft Jack-Up Drilling Rigs held a naming and departure ceremony at Longkou. The two rigs will soon sail to the gulf of Mexico to provide oil and gas drilling services to Pemex.

Before that, CIMC Raffles and CMIC Ocean signed leasing contracts for the two rigs.

The two rigs are named "Gulf Driller 6" and "Gulf Driller 8" respectively, are currently classified by ABS. They adopted JU2000E design which equipped with MHWirth drilling package, the over length is 70m, breadth is 76m, leg length is 167m.

They are able to operate at water depth up to 120m(400ft) and drill wells down to 10668m(35000ft) at minus 20 degrees Celsius, which can be operated on extreme environment.

Up to now, CIMC Raffles has constructed 4 JU2000E and 10 Super M2 Jack-Up Drilling Rigs, which accumulated rich experience in drilling industry, and has been recognized by international mainstream clients with excellent performance.

Sep 3, 2019



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