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IMCA Publishes Code of Practics on Environmental Sustainability

Allen Leatt, IMCA’s CEO

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) recently launched its Recommended Code of Practice on Environmental Sustainability (IMCA ES 001). This Code was developed by its Members through IMCA's committee governance structure and sets expectations for the marine contracting industry in managing key environmental and climate topics associated with offshore marine construction.

"IMCA started its environmental sustainability journey with its members four years ago," said IMCA's CEO Allen Leatt. "Since then, a great deal of groundwork has been accomplished and I would like to thank all our committee members for their sustained effort in the past year in developing this Code, which although voluntary is strongly encouraged for our membership."

"Feedback from our 2021 membership survey reinforced that we were on the right track in emphasizing the importance of environmental sustainability and the energy transition. Almost 90% confirmed that was critical or very important in IMCA's strategy; and more than four-fifths acknowledged their client base is increasingly using environmental sustainability in evaluating contractors and suppliers.

The introduction embraces five key topics:

  1. The reason for a Recommended Code of Practice in our industry
  2. Principles of environmental sustainability
  3. Scope and regulatory content
  4. Significant environmental aspects for our industry
  5. Strategic objectives and target setting.

IMCA ES 001 is freely available for all IMCA members to download at

Jun 1, 2021


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