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RadiantFleet Pact with River Advice AG

Image: RadiantFleet

Aiswarya Lakshmi

RadiantFleet announced closing an agreement with River Advice AG. The agreement includes the use of RadiantFleet platform (Software as a Service) for Crew and Payroll Management.

The software solution provides River Advice real time collaboration between their corporate offices, managed vessels and crew. River Advice was established in 2004 and soon developed to what is now the leading manager of river cruise ships in Europe.
With corporate offices in Basel, Cologne, Limassol and Luxemburg, the group offers a broad range of services tailored to the needs to each client. River Advice provides services for ship management, crew management, catering and hospitality, new building and conversion consultancy.
Currently, the River Advice group manages around 100 vessels on European inland waterways with over 3500 employees. River Advice came in contact with RadiantFleet through an employee recommendation in 2016, already before River Advice had been on the lookout for a new HR software.
"When it was decided to actively search for a new, modern HR Solution back in 2017, we reached out again to RadiantFleet, to dig deeper into the company, which had left a good impression already beforehand" according to Project Manager Victor Straubhaar.
"RadiantFleet is the only shipping solution, which has been built with clearly having connectivity and digitalization in mind, and not only as an afterthought. While other companies are struggling today with the need of re-thinking and adapting their established solutions to today's requirements, River Advice has the chance with RadiantFleet to build their future on a fresh, modern & flexible platform, which is prepared for today's needs and tomorrow's challenges" stated Victor Straubhaar.
With River Advice, RadiantFleet has an expert partner on board, which actively seeks to improve their solution with their broad industry expertise, while seeing RadiantFleet as a Partner, not only as a Software Service Provider. River Advice will share unique industry knowledge with RadiantFleet to actively evolve the software solution even further. "We have high expectations from this cooperation. We want to extend our services in variety and to improve them in efficiency and security through a modern and well-connected solution" says Victor Straubhaar.
According to RadiantFleet's co-Founder Sofoklis Papasofokli "Two important pillars made this deal possible. River Advice is a leading company in European river cruises which gives us the opportunity to deploy our solution in a full scale and to understand the River Cruises market. The second pillar is the River Advice project management team. It has forward thinking, innovative ideas and deep understanding of the company's vision for IT solutions."
Both parties are looking forward to build a long-lasting partnership, to face today's and future challenges with expertise and a holistic approach.

May 14, 2018



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