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Remote Controlled Workboats

(Image: Tuco Marine)

Posted by Eric Haun

Tuco Marine Group has introduced remote controlled navigation systems for the ProZero Workboats, offering autonomous self-piloting vessels.

Working together with Sea Machines, Tuco Marine Group can now provide the ProZero series, delivered with a system that makes the vessels autonomous and remote controlled.
The system can be embedded into a wide variety of boats in the ProZero series, making them self-piloting, increasing productivity and keeping personnel safe from potential harm.
Tuco Marine presently offers the system in the Prozero DCW 9 m Arctic workboat, ProZero DCW 15 m ROV support vessel, ProZero 11 m patrol vessel, and ProZero 11 m pulling drone. But Tuco said the system is easy to embed into any ProZero vessel, and all of the boats in the ProZero series have potential to become a self-piloting vessel.
Sea Machines Robotics' new system, called RC NXT, can be incorporated into an existing or newly built ProZero model. With the RX NXT installed in the boat, it can be controlled wirelessly from shore or from a mother vessel.
The Command System provides PLC-based wireless control of the workboat and is suited for day-vessel operations such as workboats, tugs and launches operating within 1,000 m of the pilot.
The Autonomous Navigation System uses vessel-based sensors and proprietary algorithms to give the boat a degree of self-awareness, enabling her to efficiently self-motor from point-to-point while avoiding active and passive obstacles or collaborate in tandem with another vessel.

Mar 16, 2017



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