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CROE to Fit Its Scrubbers with Oberlin Filters

(Photo: CROE)

CR OCEAN ENGINEERING L.L.C. (CROE) and Oberlin Filter Company are partnering to provide an automatic, low-maintenance washwater filtration system to supplement CROE's closed loop and hybrid exhaust gas cleaning systems (also known as scrubbers). The Oberlin filter is a cleaning system that cleans the closed loop washwater and removes the sludge in a dry/solid form, allowing for reduction in volume and lower disposal cost. For clients requiring wet/pumpable sludge disposal, CROE may continue to use more standard alternate technologies.

This Oberlin filtration system is now offered for worldwide marine applications exclusively through CR Ocean Engineering and will integrate seamlessly with any hybrid/closed loop scrubber system supplied by CROE. CROE will also provide the Oberlin system to any other scrubber manufacturer who may be interested in using the system for their own scrubber projects, or to any shipowner who may wish to retrofit this novel filtration technology to their existing scrubbers.

"This new product is the ideal solution for clients requiring removal of scrubber washwater sludge in a dry/solid form. Oberlin is a reputable and established U.S.A.-based, family-owned business with more than 50 years of successful operation. CROE is also a U.S.A. family business with roots dating back to the year 1917," said Nick Confuorto, President and COO of CROE.

"This partnership will bring together the strengths of our two organizations in offering a complete solution to customers operating a closed loop or hybrid scrubber system," said Michael Ignatowski, President of Oberlin Filter Company.

Available in four basic designs, the CROE scrubber system allows vessels to burn the less expensive high-sulfur fuel while meeting the IMO and MARPOL stringent emissions regulations that went into effect January 1, 2015 (ECA) and January 1, 2020 (Global).

CROE maritime scrubbers have been retrofitted into more than 150 ships - from cruise ships to cargo vessels, ferries, RoRo and others. They are suited for newbuilds or retrofits.

This new Oberlin filter processes 100% of the closed loop washwater, eliminating the need for a secondary dirty water collection/storage and sludge tank.

image(Photo: CROE)

Sep 15, 2020


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