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Seagoing Work Experience Working

For Canberra College Senior Cameron Moncrieff, taking part in the inaugural Defence Work Experience Program - Women in Navy Leadership Camp at HMAS Creswell has paved the way for a career in the Australian Defence Force. Photo: Royal Australian Navy.

By Aiswarya Lakshmi

Work experience opportunities are giving students with an interest Defence careers a chance to get hands-on with Navy life, getting to sea and understanding the roles that might start the passion of a lifetime.

For Canberra College Senior Cameron Moncrieff, taking part in the inaugural Defence Work Experience Program - Women in Navy Leadership Camp at HMAS Creswell has paved the way for a career in the Australian Defence Force.
Ms Moncrieff, 17, said taking part in last year's four-day camp on the New South Wales south coast made the Navy a firm career option.
"I have always been interested in the Navy, but taking part in the camp really sparked my interest in a career as a Maritime Warfare Officer," she said.
"We attended some extremely helpful and informative sessions, such as a meeting with some senior female officers who spoke about leadership and what it meant to them, and spent the last day onboard HMAS Ballarat."
Since participating in the camp, Ms Moncrieff has continued her association with the Navy with a recent one-week stint onboard HMAS Parramatta.
"The week on Parramatta was the second work experience I was fortunate enough to attend," she said.
"We left from Garden Island, and while at sea I discovered so many things about the Navy that I never would have otherwise known.
"We had a chance to look at all the departments on the ship, but the bridge was by far my favourite place to be and further cemented my decision to become a Warfare Officer. We even got to witness a missile launch.
"Overall, the experience has had a huge influence in my choice to join Navy and is one I will never forget."
Ms Moncrieff has also attended several Women in Defence Q&A panel information sessions in Canberra.
"These sessions have been really useful for giving me an opportunity to ask questions of women who are currently serving in Defence, and getting their perspectives," she said.
"I have also attended the annual Australian Defence Force Academy Open Day, which was awesome!
"It was another fantastic opportunity to talk with the midshipmen in a relaxed setting, as well as some of the academic staff."
The series of Australian Defence Force experiences has put Ms Moncrieff in good stead to begin the formal recruitment process.
"I discovered so many things that I never would have otherwise known and I can now enter into the recruitment process knowing with more certainty what I want to do," she said.
"I have a long way to go in the recruiting process, but I feel these activities have provided me with a great insight; an opportunity to get a feel for what I want to do, and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.
"I hope that others are offered the same opportunities I have been fortunate enough to experience.
"I am excited and nervous about what lies ahead, but feel much more confident and well prepared."

Mar 18, 2017



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