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Sendo Liners Green Entry to Amsterdam

Pic: Port of Amsterdam

Shailaja A. Lakshmi

Is Port of Amsterdam in sight? Then it's time to turn the diesel engine off and the electric motor on. That's the agreement that has been made with Sendo Shipping.

By 2020, two of their Sendo Liners will be entering the port of Amsterdam emission-free. Port of Amsterdam has a stake in these new ships in the form of a loan.

The Sendo Liners are inventive hybrid container ships. Much lower emissions, much lower fuel consumption and more cargo space. No less than 8% extra loading capacity! That's exactly one extra container length.

With the Sendo Liners, Port of Amsterdam aims to make an active contribution to a more environmentally friendly future for shipping. Facilitating the arrival of hybrid vessels is a concrete step in this direction.

Future developments in drive systems were also taken into account during the construction of the Sendo Liners. The system has a modular design, which means that adjustments can be made very easily and quickly.

The diesel drive can be replaced by a fully electric or hydrogen-based drive, for example.

The Sendo Liners are currently approaching completion in Werkendam. They will be taken into service at the beginning of 2020. From that time onwards, 32% will be saved on fuel consumption and 40% on carbon emissions per transported container.

The Sendo Liners sail the Amsterdam - Rotterdam route in a regular service. Port of Amsterdam is setting out to demonstrate that sustainability is not only necessary, but is also cost effective. It makes no difference to the propellers whether they are powered by electricity or by diesel. But it makes a big difference to the climate!

Nov 21, 2019



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