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'Smart Port as a Service'

(Image: Awake.AI)

A new maritime digitalization solution aims to enable real-time communication and collaboration between sea, port and land logistics operators while providing a capabilities overview that helps users to improve the utilization of their resources.

The newly launched Smart Port as a Service from Awake.AI is a real-time collaboration and situational awareness tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI)-based predictions to unlock smarter operational optimization for all maritime actors. According to the developer, benefits include better operational planning and optimization of port calls, improved situational awareness, shared and transparent communication and greater operational and environmental efficiency. The platform also includes state-of-the-art security governance and security operations models and procedures that support managing cyber threats.

"We are bringing together sea, port and land logistics in a way that has not been done before. Smart Port as a Service delivers substantial value to our clients in integrating and providing predictions to the entire maritime logistics chain operations," said Karno Tenovuo, Co-founder and CEO of Awake.AI, established in October 2018 to create a software platform for smart ports and shipping.

The ability to predict accurately originates from Awake.AI's AI algorithms, which utilize multiple data sources, such as weather forecasts, vessel information and historical data. With more accurate predictions, all port call actors will save time and costs while increasing their operational efficiency. To make precise predictions, Awake.AI also uses machine learning (ML) methods as an integral part of its service offering. ML enables progressive streamlining of operations by harvesting, analyzing and gaining understanding from vast amounts of data. In addition, ML can provide a better general overview of the business environment.

These features are enabled through effective communication and open information sharing by the collaborating partners, ultimately resulting in better operational planning and optimization of port calls.

"In our view, a collaboration between maritime actors is foundational for more efficient maritime business," said Simo Salminen, Co-founder, VP Product

Awake.AI is an advocate of digital transformation in maritime logistics, which it said is key to complying with more stringent environmental regulations. Research shows that through investing in digitalization in the maritime transport business, it is possible not only to reduce fuel and energy consumption and improve overall efficiency but also to improve profitability when integrating digital technologies into entire operations. The companies that are the most enthusiastic about establishing greater digital competence are gaining a significant advantage in the ever-changing landscape of regulations and performance requirements.

Jun 22, 2020



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