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Stadt Naval inks Deal to Design and Deliver Naval Vessel Powertrain

STADT NAVAL and Hallvard Slettevoll. Image courtesy Stadt Naval

Stadt Naval, headquartered in Gjerdsvika, Norway, signed a contract to design and supply complete electric propulsion solutions for series of new naval ships for an unnammed NATO country, the biggest contract in the company's history.

Stadt's technology operates in STEALTH mode with guaranteed no electrical interference and no acoustic switching noise. This contributes to low underwater radiated noise (URN), and low signature for any vessel. In addition, the STADT technology has proven to have absolute minimum power loss, resulting in very low energy consumption and related low or no emission dependant of chosen fuel or power source for a vessel.

For the new navy-vessels, STADT will have the role as system-integrator and will supply main electric elements such as Main Switchboards, AC
Lean-drives and AC motors for Thrusters and Main Propulsion, and Power Management System as a complete integrated solution.

The project will be executed together with STADT`s international partners, such as Schneider Electric, an important component provider to STADT over many years. "This contract is a confirmation from a new NATO country that our technology meet and fulfil the strictest naval signature requirements," said Hallvard Slettevoll, CEO, Stadt Naval.

imageStadt twin screw propulsion assembly. Image courtesy Stadt Naval

Jan 31, 2023


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