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Armstrong Launches RHIB Tour Boat

(Photo: Maddie Hunt Photography / Armstrong Marine)

Armstrong Marine USA Inc. launched the 11.3- by 4.2-meter Naiad rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) Bay Voyager II in late July. Builder sea trials in Port Angeles, Wash. indicate a cruise speed of 25 knots.The vessel was originally built for San Francisco-based tour company Bay Voyager, but is now for sale from Armstrong Marine.

Silver Ships Delivers RHIB for Eglin Air Force Base

(Photo: Silver Ships)

Theodore, Ala. boat builder Silver Ships said it has recently delivered an Ambar 1100 oceangoing rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) for the Eglin Air Force Base in western Florida.Built to assist in ocean rescue and firefighting missions, the 36-foot-long vessel includes an enhanced center console model

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