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New LNG Carrier Mooring Tool Launched

(Image: HR Wallingford / Witherbys)

A new ship mooring tool has been engineered to perform static and dynamic ship mooring analyses in a rapid, user friendly and intuitive manner.

SHIPMOOR was created to make the assessment of mooring a liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier a straightforward and user-driven process, tapping into the power of cloud based servers to undertake live mooring analysis for each ship. Launched by HR Wallingford and Witherbys, the internet-based tool aims to be efficient solution for the significant amount of calculation and processing required in this sort of analysis.

The solution mitigates the input of incorrect data by hosting an up to date, standardized database of LNG port information, enabling live sharing of information between all parties involved in the mooring of a ship, from the operator through to the assessments office and the team at the berthing location, its developers said. In providing transparency and accurate data alongside a 3D visualization of any arrangement, the program has been designed to provides safer and more efficient berthing.

Dr. Mark McBride, Ships and Dredging Group Manager at HR Wallingford, said, "SHIPMOOR can be used for all types of ships to validate their mooring arrangements against the conditions they will encounter. In the case of LNG carriers, the results can be validated against industry specific environmental criteria."

"SHIPMOOR improves safety by mitigating the risk of mooring line failure, excessive ship movement and emergency disconnection of the loading arms."

SHIPMOOR runs within an internet browser and meets the IMO's newly introduced cybersecurity requirements.

Technical Director at Witherbys, Johan Machtelinckx, said, "With traditional methods for preparing the mooring of LNG carriers often causing errors and delays, SHIPMOOR is truly a 21st century solution for mooring analysis. By optimizing a process that usually requires a lengthy and data intensive setup, SHIPMOOR saves vast amounts of time for each mooring operation."

Jul 2, 2021


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