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BMT's Catriona Savage Named RINA President

(Photo: BMT)

Catriona Savage, BMT's Technical Assurance and Capability Director, has been names President of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA). She is the organization's first woman President.

Savage, who is Honorary Professor at University College London Mechanical Engineering Department, takes over the RINA Presidency from Maurizio d'Amico who has served the institution over the last two years.

Commenting on her presidency and vision for the future, Savage said, "I have been a member of RINA for over 25 years since I joined as a student at Southampton University. RINA is an organization I feel very passionate about and since then I have been Chair of the Membership Committee, a member of Council, and a Trustee. I am honored to be taking over from Maurizio d'Amico as President who has masterfully steered RINA through the pandemic and navigated us to a really exciting point in the evolution and development of the institution.

"RINA has an exciting future, with the foundations being built today in development of our digital tools and online presence for the benefit of all our members and the wider maritime community. Alongside this, I intend that my term as President will see an institution that leads the way in some of the most important issues facing the maritime industry worldwide, including diversity in our community and demonstrating the breadth and depth of opportunity to the next generation; thought leadership in innovation, environment and safety through our technical committees; and sharing knowledge and maintaining standards and excellence.

"All of these contribute to the original purpose on which the institution was founded in 1860, to "'advance the art and science of ship design' and this is as relevant today as it was then."

Guy Tomlinson, Programs Director at BMT and Savage's manager commented, "Cat's appointment as RINA President is a well-deserved reflection of her long-standing expertise and commitment within this professional community. The ambition and focus that Cat will bring to this appointment will significantly benefit RINA. I am also delighted for her personally, as the first female President of RINA, this is indeed worthy professional recognition."

Jul 19, 2022


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