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Cavotec Unveils Ultra-fast Megawatt Charging System

(Image: Cavotec)

Cleantech engineering company Cavotec this week unveiled its ultra-fast Megawatt Charging System (MCS), a turnkey DC charging solution with grid-to-inlet functionality, capable of providing up to 3MW of power from a single connector to support the decarbonization of vessels and industrial vehicles.

"MCS enables the safe and quick connection of heavy-duty vehicles and ships to electrical power in a reliable, ergonomic unit. As the most powerful system on the market, MCS significantly reduces typical charging times, thereby minimizing downtime," said Jörn Bullert, Vice President Product Management, Charging Solutions.

The MCS has been designed for use with e-vessels such as ferries, as well as all kinds of heavy-duty vehicles used in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, construction and mining.

Oct 25, 2022


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