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Veer gets ABS AIP for "Clean" Containership

Image courtesy Veer Corp.

Veer Corp. said the American Bureau of Shipping granted an Approval in Principle, seen as a key milestone on its mission to build its fleet of clean, wind-powered ocean-going container vessels. The naval architect team at Dykstra and the project management team at Brookes Bell lead the initiative.

"Receiving this AIP from a recognized organization such as ABS sets Veer apart from other conceptual projects." says Danielle Doggett, CEO at Veer. "We are making significant progress - you can feel that it's really happening."

Veer also shared the statement of support from cosmetics-sustainability leader LUSH, which further strengthens the clean shipping company's position. ''The world needs us to progress much more rapidly in decarbonizing transport, globally. Lush's commitment to decarbonize our global transport is dependent on partnerships with organizations like Veer. Our roadmap to net zero transport means being early adopters of hydrogen shipping and so we are very excited at the possibility of partnering with Veer's first vessel. ( on Veer).

Bid package to shipyards are out, and Veer aims to select a shipyard by the end 2022, and to begin shipping with two vessels by the end of 2024.
imageImage courtesy Veer Corp.

Oct 10, 2022


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