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Danelec Scores Order to Outfit 100+ Ships

The KYMA Shaft Power Meter will provide performance data along with several other applications via the DanelecConnect platform. Image courtesy Danelec

Danelec Marine will roll-out out a digital upgrade across a fleet of 100+ vessels, following an order placed in March 2022. The ships will be connected to the DanelecConnect Cloud platform where a package of performance monitoring applications will unlock operational insight, designed to reduce fuel consumption and enable the unnamed customer's extensive decarbonization strategy.

"With pressure across the industry to reduce GHG emissions it's vital that ship owners and managers place emphasis on digitalization, but finding the right cost and performance balance can be challenging," said Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec. "This is why we developed a standardized approach that combines platform, a choice of applications and enabling hardware in a managed solution that can monitor and unlock insight on any kind of data generated on board, while being lower-cost and easier to roll-out than some more customised solutions."

As one of the largest single DanelecConnect projects undertaken by the company, Danelec will work closely with its wholly-owned subsidiary KYMA AS, whose Shaft Power Meter will provide propulsion data for more cost-effective ship handing with a lower carbon footprint.

Danelec has also engaged DanelecConnect 3rd party solution partners to deliver further operational decision-making support based on a variety of parameters, that when monitored and analyzed correctly, will contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across the fleet.

One of these 3rd party application companies will take DanelecConnect managed data from the fleet, analyze and compare the information to operational data collected from other ships to help improve fleet efficiency, reduce fuel costs and lower CO2 emissions, in addition to supporting navigational and environmental compliance.

May 18, 2022


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