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Digitalization: NAVTOR, Veracity by DNV Partner

The potential benefits – both commercial and environmental – are “enormous” according to Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, Chief Sustainability Officer, NAVTOR. Photo courtesy NAVTOR

NAVTOR signed an Integrated Partner agreement with Veracity by DNV, a deal intended to help shipowners and operators simplify reporting, enable sustainable shipping and unlock green finance.

"Our ecosystem collects, aggregates and utilizes enormous amounts of business-critical data," said Bjørn Åge Hjøllo, Chief Sustainability Officer, NAVTOR. "That is used to make shipping safer, simpler and more efficient - automating tasks, reducing fuel consumption, saving costs, and, in short, delivering complete asset awareness and control for our customers. But that data can also be used to unlock 'next level' sustainability gains - turning regulations into business opportunity - when you have the right partners."

Hjøllo notes that climate targets, most notably IMO's GHG ambitions, are supported by a range of regulations, including IMO DCS, EU MRV and, from 1 January 2023, mandatory calculations of annual Carbon Intensity Indicators (CII) for individual vessels. These help dictate access to Sustainable Linked Finance (SLF), whereby, in keeping with the increasingly widely-adopted Poseidon Principles, owners can benefit from lower interest rates on financing and favourable insurance rates. Accurate reporting on these regulations is of fundamental importance.

Stakeholder benefits
NAVTOR's systems harvest and aggregate the required data for reporting and, through auto-populating, is designed to reduce administration, with automated reports produced at a "touch of a button." The firm's secure, 'joined-up' onboard ecosystem provides a single, integrated platform that, say Hjøllo, "covers all the bases" for simple compliance. The agreement with Veracity adds "huge extra value", explaining: "Veracity provides a vital piece of the puzzle. Vessel data can be transferred to the platform in a seamless digital pipeline, with continuous automated data uploads, reducing the need for manual intervention. This can create shorter reporting cycles, delivering reporting of a much higher resolution and frequency, ensuring greater quality and accuracy.

"This is something that not only regulators want, but also financial institutions, insurance companies, prospective employees, investors, and a range of other stakeholders. Nobody wants to invest their time, energy or money in companies that aren't focused on the future.

imageTor Svanes, CEO, NAVTOR and Barry Authers, head of solution sales and partnerships, Veracity, DNV. Photo courtesy NAVTOR

One of NAVTOR's key customers is Eagle Bulk, which is using verified data to report carbon intensity performance under their $400 million sustainability linked credit facility. They are saving, he says, "significant costs, time and resources."

"The integration between NavFleet by NAVTOR and Veracity by DNV has improved the efficiency and quality of Eagle Bulk's MRV and DCS reporting," said Jonathan Dowsett, Director of Fleet Performance at Eagle Bulk. "By automating the transmission of our fleet emissions data at more frequent intervals, we have simplified compliance while also improving visibility into our decarbonization trajectory and reducing workload."

For its part, DNV also sees huge value in the partnership, demonstrating the capabilities of the Veracity platform for an industry in transition. Mikkel Skou, Executive Director, Veracity, comments:

"We are very pleased to welcome NAVTOR as an integrated partner. In Veracity, our ambition is to deliver trust and scale to industry digitalization, and by integrating with key maritime data providers like NAVTOR, we wish to make it easier for the industry to securely share and derive full value out of its quality assured operational data. We look forward to working with the team to help our common customers deliver more accurate GHG reporting with a minimum of manual intervention."

Sep 14, 2022


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