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Dominicana Caribbean Shipyards, the New Face in Caribbean Shipbuilding and Repair

(Left to Right): Arturo Camarena (Managing Director: Ciramar Shipyards), Luis Contrearas Pena (President – Ciramar Shipyards), Harald Fassmer (Managing Director – Fassmer GmbH & Co.), Craig Ronald Gundry (General Manager – Fassmer Technical Projects)


Ciramar Shipyards and Fassmer Technical Projects ink a deal to Create Dominicana Caribbean Shipyards

Ciramar Shipyards signed a strategic alliance with Fassmer Technical Projects that establishes the basis for cooperation in various areas, including design and construction of new ships and multipurpose vessels manufactured in the Dominican Republic. The scope of the deal also includes maintenance, manufacture and local marketing of mechanical products, including propellers, stabilization and steering systems, thrusters, azimuth thrusters; as well as naval automation; ship repair; and personnel training with consulting in the design of naval devices.

Fassmer is a German, family-owned company founded in 1850 that specializes in vessel design, repair, conversion and newbuild construction for Offshore Patrol Vessels, Yachts, Ferries, Survey and Research Vessels and Fire Fighting, in addition to the manufacture of critical components and equipment for the Offshore Windpower industry.

Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader met with Craig R. Gundry, General Manager of Fassmer Technical Projects, together with the owners and management of Ciramar and Fassmer, to discuss various issues of national concern.

image"This week represents the realization of a shared vision between Fassmer and Ciramar to create a new standard of ship repair and ship building in the Caribbean," said Craig R. Gundry (General Manager - Fassmer Technical Projects) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

"We were honored to be received by President Abinader. We were extremely impressed with his detailed questions and knowledge about the industries we are involved in," said Gundry. "There was a great focus on the importance of job creation within his country, as well as creating a positive environment for economic improvement. This week represents the realization of a shared vision between Fassmer and Ciramar to create a new standard of ship repair and ship building in the Caribbean."

Luis Contreras Brea, President of Ciramar, considers that "an integrated and avant-garde maritime services company, with more than 171 years of experience such as Fassmer, presents synergies and opportunities not only for our company, but for the country, since it will locate the Dominican Republic. Fassmer offers high added value services that we can capitalize on by offering solutions to its clients and ours, in a more professional manner, as well as incorporating a new innovative, competitive and integrated offer into our portfolio."

Through this agreement, Ciramar will expand its portfolio of solutions providing attention and service to a potential market of more than 7,000 ships that circulate annually in the region. In addition, it will tap opportunities in the burgeoning U.S. offshore wind power industry via Fassmer's experience.

"This new alliance … will allow the generation of more than 600 specialized direct jobs in the first stage, projecting an expansion to more than 1,200 direct jobs in the next three years," said Contreras.

image(Left to Right): CDR. Daniel P. Slot (United States Navy), Moises Montero (US Marine Corps E-4 Corporal (Ret) - Born, Haina, Dominican Republic), Craig R. Gundry (General Manager - Fassmer Technical Projects), General de Brigada Elvis A. Almonte Santana

Jul 9, 2021


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