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Glamox to Light the New Fleet of Finnish Navy Corvettes

Photo credit: © 2022 The Finnish Defence Forces

Glamox (GLX) entered into an agreement with Rauma Marine Constructions and the Finnish Ministry of Defense to deliver fully integrated LED lighting technology for the Finnish Navy's new Squadron 2020 Corvette vessels. This includes the navigation light system, internal and external lighting, and the helicopter visual landing aid system.

The Squadron 2020 project aims to decommission and replace seven of the existing Finnish naval fleet with modern corvette vessels. The new
vessels will serve as an integral part of the maritime defence for Finland and will be operating into the year 2050.

The fleet of Corvettes will feature the ability to repel and deter other ships and vessels, lay maritime mines, engage in anti-submarine warfare,
repel aerial vehicles, provide fire support against land-based targets, command naval operations, and operate at sea throughout the year -
regardless of difficult weather or ice.

imagePhoto credit: © 2022 The Finnish Defence Forces

Jan 30, 2023


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