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OSK Group Fortifies Strategic Segment of OSK Defense

Commander Lars Povl Jensen is new Head of Defence in OSK Group. Copyright: OSK Group

Danish ship designers OSK continue to cement its position within naval ship design with the establishment of OSK Defense - a strategic department solely designated to specialized naval design, both nationally and internationally. Heading the new department will be Commander Lars Povl Jensen, who has more than twenty years' experience in international and arctic naval operations.

In October 2022, the Danish government earmarked €5 billion for investments in the Royal Danish Navy. A new 10-year defense strategy is to be negotiated this spring, where one of the central topics will be to outline the strategy and requirements for development of the naval newbuilding projects spanning a variety of vessels such as patrol, coastal rescue, navy home guard, arctic frigates, arctic patrol vessels, etc.

As OSK's new Head of Defense, Commander Lars Povl Jensen brings more than 20years of operational expertise to the design process and the continued development of OSK's naval portfolio.

Lars Povl Jensen will commence his tenure in OSK Defense during the summer of 2023 after completing his operational commitments towards the Royal Danish Navy.

Feb 23, 2023


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