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Machine Odyssey: Autonomous Voyage Around Denmark Halfway Complete

 The shore-side commanders of Nellie Bly celebrate the milestone achievement from their posts in the company's Boston, Mass., USA, remote command station. (Photo: Sea Machines)


A high-tech workboat is more than halfway through its record-setting journey to autonomously circumnavigate Denmark.

The Nellie Bly, equipped with Sea Machines autonomous command and control systems, arrived in Laeso, Denmark on Saturday, marking the halfway point of the 1,000-nautical-mile autonomous voyage.

The journey, which Sea Machines is calling "The Machine Odyssey", officially commenced on September 30, when the Nellie Bly departed Cuxhaven, Germany, (near Hamburg) for Denmark. The vessel has a crew on board but is being controlled by U.S. Coast Guard licensed officers in Boston. So far, it has made stops in Kiel Canal, Klintholm, Copenhagen, Hundested, Aarhus and Laeso.

"I am extremely proud of Sea Machines' crew, both in the Boston command station and aboard the Nellie Bly. This is a momentous achievement that would not be possible without their hard work and dedication," said Sea Machines CEO Michael G. Johnson. "After witnessing the energy and support of those who attended last week's Copenhagen event, I speak for everyone at Sea Machines when I say that the enthusiasm and confidence for completing this mission successfully has never been higher. Thank you to all the supporters and our valued crew who have made this possible."

"The Boston-based Sea Machines crew, including several members of the American Maritime Officers (AMO) labor union, have diligently kept watch over Nelly Bly and her surrounding marine domain. The SM300 autonomy system is doing its job to keep our remote operators informed and the vessel on course, on schedule and out of harm's way. It's been a straightforward mission so far and continues to prove that Sea Machines tech is ready for real vessel missions on the water, especially those requiring long-distance voyages," said Capt. Lauren Lamm, a commander based in Sea Machines' Boston control room.

"Along the way, we've travelled through the Black Sea and crossed the busy shipping lane, The Great Belt, the widest of the Danish straits. We've also passed by Kronborg Castle; Nysted offshore wind farm; the Sjælland Lighthouse; Samsø Island, the world's first renewable energy-based community; Tunø, a car-free island; and so much more. Viewers can stay apprised of what we're seeing by checking the Voyage Alerts section of the dashboard. We look forward to continuing to share details of our experiences during the second half of the mission," said Capt. Bill Powers, who has manned the autonomous Nellie Bly for redundancy throughout the voyage.

Oct 11, 2021


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