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NASH Maritime Opens Office in Scotland

(Photo: NASH Maritime)

shipping, navigation and maritime risk consultancy NASH Maritime Ltd. announced the opening of an Edinburgh office, it's first in Scotland.

Formalizing its existing presence in Scotland is another milestone for the company, as it continues to see increasing demand for its services, the company said.

NASH Maritime Director, Jamie Holmes, said, "Our extensive portfolio of work in Scotland and growth of the team here on the ground, coupled with future pipeline of opportunities brought us to a clear conclusion regarding an investment in an office in Edinburgh."

NASH Maritime Director, Dr. Ed Rogers, said, "The new office has a key role to play in the scaling of NASH Maritime. This builds on the presence we've had here since NASH's very first days and demonstrates our commitment to continue supporting the offshore wind sector's ambitions in Scotland."

NASH Maritime Governance Lead, Daniel Wood, said, "I am delighted to be managing the NASH Maritime Scottish office in my home country. The new base will allow even greater support for our rapidly increasing portfolio of Scottish clients within the Ports and Offshore Energy sectors."

Jul 29, 2022


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