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Partners to Create Digital Twins for Seaports

(Image: Sinay)

Tech companies Sinay and 3D CityScapes are teaming up to create hyer realistic digital twins for ports.

3D CityScapes uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence to create digital twins, hyper realistic representations of the real-world. Now with Sinay, it will create interactive 3D environments for ports and the maritime industry.

"This partnership will create living, breathing digital ports," said 3D CityScapes' Director of Digital Experience Salman Hussain.

3D CityScapes will offer the digital twin as a hyper realistic component to Sinay's technology and sensor data information. Sinay's large amounts of data will be represented on an immersive interactive digital platform created by 3D CityScapes.

Seaports will have a visual platform that allows them to see in real-time exactly what is taking place throughout the entire port.

Oct 11, 2021


Maritime Apps