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‘Recycled-based’ Dyneema: Lankhorst Supplies Heerema Heavy Lift Slings

Subsea Excavator rigging frame onboard SSCV Thialf showing LankoForce HL slings made with recycled-based Dyneema. Image courtesy Lankhorst

For the first time in the heavy lift industry, Lankhorst Ropes is supplying Heerema Marine Contractors with LankoForce HL slings manufactured with Dyneema SK78 fiber produced using post-consumer plastic waste as a feedstock. The LankoForce HL slings will be used on a 4-point lifting frame for an offshore lifting project.

DSM is producing recycled-based Dyneema using ethylene from mixed plastic waste as a pilot project. This recycled-based fiber used for the LankoForce HL slings in this specific offshore lifting project has the same assured performance as conventional and bio-based Dyneema SK78 fiber.

To drive the transition towards renewable bio and recycled based resources, CirculariTeam, a coalition of DSM, Lankhorst Ropes and other leading industry partners was formed in 2021. CirculariTeam provides a common platform to share knowledge, resources, and technological solutions.

Jun 14, 2022


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