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Stena RoRo Orders RoPax Ferry for Marine Atlantic Charter

Credit: Stena RoRO


imageCredit: Stena RoROStena RoRo has secured a ferry charter with Marine Atlantic, a Canadian federal Crown corporation, and has for this purpose now ordered its tenth E-Flexer vessel from the CMI Jinling (Weihai) shipyard.

The ship, when delivered, will run in eastern Canada between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Delivery from the shipyard is expected during 2024.

To date, Stena RoRo has ordered ten large RoPax vessels of the E-Flexer type, five of which have now been delivered. The company has an option for additional vessels from the CMI Jinling (Weihai) Shipyard.

About the tenth E-Flexer
Length: 202.9 m
Draught 6.45 m
Beam: 27.8 m
Capacity: 1,100 persons onboard, 2 571 lane meters including 476 lane meters for private cars

Jul 22, 2021


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