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Stockholm Electric Fast Ferry Routes Announced

(Image: Green City Ferries)

Green City Ferries, of Stockholm, Sweden, announced today the first two routes for its electric fast ferry, the Beluga24. Passengers traveling to and from the communities of T?by and ?steråker will be the first to experience the Beluga24s high-speed, emission-free technology.

"The introduction of our Beluga24 in Stockholm is a major step in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the region's waterborne public transport system. By demonstrating our emission-free high-speed ferries in Stockholm, we can show that there is an attractive alternative to traditional vessels. Beluga24 is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It provides a comfortable and smooth commuting experience for passengers even at high speeds," said Fredrik Thornell, CEO of GCF.

With electric engines powered by either batteries (T?by) or hydrogen (?steråker) the ferries on each route will produce zero emissions. Built in light-weight carbon fiber and with a foil-assisted hull, the vessels reduce energy demand by 50% compared to conventional high-speed catamarans and produce a smooth ride with very little wake.

GCF has developed Beluga24 based on hydrofoil and hull technology from New Zealand, ship design from Italy and Swedish carbon fiber expertise. Swedish Echandia will provide battery and fuel cell systems for the vessels.

Green City Ferries also announced it has secured funding to begin production of the vessels. With production beginning now, the first two Beluga24 for T?by and ?steråker are expected to be delivered in 2023 and begin passenger service in early 2024.

May 13, 2022


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