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NYK to Study, Trial Emission Reduction Gear On Up to 50 Bulk Carriers

Two examples of energy saving devices. Image courtesy NYK/Nakashima Propeller

NYK signed a business alliance agreement with Nakashima Propeller, a marine equipment manufacturer that develops and sells ship propellers as well as energy-saving devices, and Fluid Techno, a ship design company with fluid analysis technology, to explore options to help cut greenhouse gas emissions from ships.

Specifically, the agreement signed on July 7 aims to verify the effects of energy-saving devices that enhance vessel fuel efficiency by improving water flow generated at the aft-end of ships, select optimal combinations of those energy-saving devices, and install them on existing ships.

The manifestation of the deal is NYK aiming to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from existing vessels by installing energy-saving devices on about 50 dry bulk carriers over the next three years.

Jul 8, 2022


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