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Tech File: VIKING Norsafe E-Mako-655, the All-electric Rescue Boat

Image credit: Sønnavind drone and boligfoto

VIKING Life-Saving Equipment and maritime electric motor systems developer Evoy launched an electrically powered 6.55m rescue boat, the VIKING Norsafe E-Mako-655. The Mako-655 is an existing rescue boat design that, up until now, has only been offered with traditional engine propulsion due to the current IMO/SOLAS regulation which states that rescue boats of this type must have at least one internal combustion engine.

VIKING Norsafe and Evoy are challenging what they call a "somewhat out of date convention" with their medium to long-term goal of overturning the existing rule with the assistance of DNV, who have submitted a SOLAS Novel Design application in support of the new technology.

"Standards and regulations require a lifeboat to be started and stopped routinely to verify that they are operational," said Erik Mostert, head of R&D, VIKING Norsafe. "Evoy´s electric motors and battery systems eliminate the potential risks of wear and deterioration of internal combustion engines in association with this start/stop process."

imageImage credit: Sønnavind drone and boligfoto

Nov 1, 2022


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