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ZeroNorth Opens Singapore Office

© joyt / Adobe Stock

Technology company ZeroNorth announced it is opening an office in Singapore's Central Business District, headed by ZeroNorth's VP Sales and General Manager for Asia.

The move to establish a presence in one of the world's top shipping hubs follos several months of rapid expansion for ZeroNorth. The company now has more than 170 employees in six countries, serves more than 50 customers from across the maritime sector, and has expanded its offering to six fully-fledged services on its data platform.

Soren Meyer, CEO of ZeroNorth, said, "At this critical time in the energy transition, shipping companies are looking for the right partners to accelerate their decarbonization efforts and advance their sustainability strategy. We are proud to be a purpose-led organization that is playing a leading role in making global trade green by optimizing operations for profit and planet, and we are very excited to bring our mission to the vibrant city of Singapore."

Paul Van Vessem, VP Sales and General Manager for Asia, ZeroNorth, said, "We are a global venture built on the close business relationships that we develop with our customers. Opening an office in Singapore is a natural extension of our partnership mindset and will enable us to be right next door to our existing customers and within reach of potential customers in the Southeast Asian region. As a world leading hub in shipping, technology, and sustainability, Singapore is a perfect fit for us.

"Digital technologies create value by powering up commercial decision-making and improving competitiveness and transparency to counterparties. We recognize that digital transformation is not always easy, which is why being close to our existing customers and prospects to support them every step of the way is so important to us."

Sep 15, 2022


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